Perfect Home Areas Where You Can Place Wall Clocks

Perfect Home Areas Where You Can Place Wall Clocks

There’s no other more straightforward technique to color a bare wall than hanging a beautiful wall clock. Decorative wall clocks may work more than merely indicating the time. They indeed bring more spice and character to your house’s barest wall, and they can even function as a focal point to your place. Modern wall clocks can make your home interior more aesthetic while maintaining its homey atmosphere. So to get it straight, where must you hang your wall clock?

Various clock sizes for different spaces

Even though wall clocks are perfect additions to any dull wall, it does not mean that all of them are intended to be placed in the same area.

Yes, it is not seen as an issue to all homeowners who want to beautify their interiors. Still, at some point, you do not wish to randomize your home’s features just for the sake of “decorating” it.

1. Kitchen Wall Clocks

wall clock kitchen

If you want a well-designed, defined, and composed space, you need to understand that specific clock designs and sizes are appropriate for a particular location only.

For example, a kitchen wall clock would indeed look alienated when placed inside a small kitchen. Instead of beautifying the area, it would look very unnecessary and disturbing.

Thus, only hang a small but aesthetic wall clock in your small kitchen. On the other hand, if you think your kitchen is relatively spacious, decorating it with a medium-sized wall clock in any of its bare walls will upgrade its overall look.

2. Living Room Wall Clocks

living room wall clock

To effectively make it a focal point inside your home, try placing it on a substantial bare wall in your living area. You could hang them above your couch, fireplace, or any other dull area of your home.

Also, it would be perfect for high ceilings. High ceilings provide more space for your wall clock to be placed above a shelf, cabinet, or any furniture.

3. Bedroom Wall Clocks

bed room wall clock

Although many people immediately think of placing a wall clock above their bed’s headboard, it can also be placed anywhere as long as it matches the theme of your bedroom.

If your bedroom is inclined to being sleek and elegant, then placing a bossy, matte, black wall clock might only be a disturbance to your bedroom’s atmosphere. If your bedroom has modern features, then placing minimalist-themed furniture and a wall clock in its corners will emphasize its uniformity.

Also, wall clocks that produce ticking sounds are never suitable to be placed in an area meant for relaxation. So, it is better to purchase digital and silent-sweeping wall clocks for your bedroom.

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