How to Choose Drapes and Curtains

How to Choose Drapes and Curtains

Drapes and curtains are vital elements of your room’s overall beauty. These features contribute to your home’s luxury comfort by giving privacy and moderating the sunlight coming from your windows. Whether your windows are fair-sized or too massive, curtains can indeed make your place cozier and cooler. Moreover, these features can also buffer noise pollution from the outside, mainly when residing in an urban location.

When you are about to purchase your window dressing, you have to consider first the theme of your house’s interiors. However, thinking about what to consider when it comes to aesthetics can overwhelm you, primarily when you haven’t envisioned a single concept yet. Questions such as “What curtain size should I buy?” or “What fabric color would match my indoor theme?” can indeed stress you out.

Thus, we are here to help you sort things out and make the most desirable decision. We will help make your choices more manageable, realistic, and practical to produce successful results. Well, the very first thing to consider for your drapes and curtains is the fundamental difference between them. It will save you more shopping time and avoid unnecessary conversations every time a consultant attempts to assist you.


So basically, curtains are fabrics that are sold by a panel or in pairs. They are made from lighter, thinner materials that are seldom lined. These light fabrics should be hung through a rod (the rod’s length should be measured according to your window length) while portraying a typical, casual atmosphere.


Drapes are also sold in pairs but are made of heavier, thicker-lined fabric. Its tops are clearly pleated, and these pleats are the parts that hold the hooks used for hanging the drapes into the rod.

Drapes typically close and open through a puller or cord and are usually utilized in formal rooms. Although drapes can also be used in casual interiors, it is also highly recommended to use them in conference rooms and offices.

How long drapes and curtains should be?

The typical length of drapes and curtains should be barely reaching the floor, or it should be hovering slightly above the floor about an inch or a half. Make sure these elements fold back neatly and nicely into their place.

How wide drapes and curtains should be?

A curtain’s width must be approximately two to two and a half times the window’s width unless you wouldn’t be closing them. Sheer curtains must be about thrice the window’s width.

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