What Makes a Good Vanity Mirror Light

What Makes a Good Vanity Mirror Light

Good lighting is the key to achieving flawless makeup. Some people might think that a lamp or fluorescent light is enough to make your face visible. However, nothing can beat the even light distribution when using a vanity light for your makeup. Simply put, you wouldn’t want to compromise the precise blending of your blush on and eye shadows.┬áThus, for better and more even makeup applications, vanity lights are highly recommended.

What’s the most recommended vanity lighting?

Yous have two options for vanity lighting: artificial and natural.

Natural Lighting

If you would ask any professional makeup artist, they would most probably tell you that they prefer to use natural lighting while applying their client’s makeup. Since you don’t want to encounter any blending distortion due to unevenly lit light bulbs, face towards a window so that the sunlight can directly light your face up.

In that way, when leaving your house, you would still look the same as when you finished applying your makeup. Natural sunlight can be a perfect option for smaller bedrooms where there is no adequate space for new vanity lights.

The disadvantage of natural lighting is when you have an event to attend during nighttime. Once the sun is down, you will be left with no other option but to use your fluorescent lamps or any other bright overhead lights.

Artificial Lighting

This kind of lighting can either break or make your makeup results. That is why it is crucial to understand the light type you can do well with and what you need to avoid by all means.

Generally speaking, we think that makeup vanity lights are better. It is because you wouldn’t have to rearrange your makeup setup just to place it in a large window where the natural light can enter.

Also, vanity lights can be used at night wherein the sun is down, and you still have to look flawless for a dinner date. These essentials are also most suitable for people who go out daily and get ready at dawn. Busy people don’t have time to wait for the sun to rise; thus, a well-functioning vanity light will make their early morning routine a lot easier.

What light color is suitable when applying makeup?

We highly suggest avoiding colored fluorescent lights. These lights can compromise your makeup’s final result as they could distort hues and shades.

Yellow lights can make you look sickly and tired. As a result, you would overdo your blush, powder, foundation, and concealer to mask your tiredness.

Where should you put your vanity lighting?

When you have decided to choose natural light over artificial light, you must position your makeup vanity in front of a huge window. The perfect place to position your makeup vanity (when you rely on natural lighting) is always where the direct sunlight hits. This allows you to receive enough light for all your facial angles.

By positioning your vanity by either side of the windows, you will only get face shadows, leading to undesirable and uneven results. If you are planning to depend on artificial light, then perfect positioning matters less. It is because you can place it anywhere in your bedroom or walk-in closet as long as it does not compromise any of your room’s aesthetic features.

Pink lights can have the opposite effect. It hinders you from identifying areas that need your extra attention. Fluorescent lights emphasize your imperfections. With this, you might over-apply your blush, foundation, and all other makeup products.

Now, what is the best vanity mirror lights for makeup in 2022? Let’s have a look at the video review below:

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