How to Choose a Medicine Cabinet

How to Choose a Medicine Cabinet

A cabinet for all your medicines is undeniably a functional and indispensable feature of your room or bathroom. It is one of the first few things you want to see when you wake up in the morning before getting ready for work. It contains all your bathroom necessities, such as medicines, toiletries, and skincare products.

Medicine cabinets come in various functions, mounting methods, and styles. So, for you to quickly determine which medicine cabinet suits your budget best, you have to assess your bathroom’s proportions, theme, style, arrangements, and lighting.

There are several useful techniques on how you can choose the perfect medicine cabinet for your bathroom.

How to ensure it will fit in your bathroom?

The medicine cabinet’s measurements should be the first factor you’ll consider. The cabinet must be equal to your bathroom vanity’s size or, as much as possible, slightly narrower.

When it comes to height and positioning, you must avoid nearby lighting. Also, double-check whether it can block your sink’s faucet. This is usually true for cabinets that have been directly mounted into the wall.

Should you pick a wall mount or recessed medicine cabinet?

Old fashioned medicine cabinets were all known to be directly mounted into the bathroom walls. However, these days, medicine cabinet styles and installation techniques have already evolved. Modern medicine cabinets are no longer mounted; instead, they’re already recessed.

Nevertheless, it is still your task to assess whether your bathroom wall could accommodate a recessed cabinet or not. Recessed cabinets are sunk in the wall and do not protrude even if they still contain shelved cabinets at the back of the mirror.

What are the best medicine cabinet materials?

  • If you happened to choose a cabinet with a front mirror, you only have very few options for materials.
  • A lighter or weathered wood color for your frame gives the cabinet a beach look.
  • Metal finished or darker wood colors produce an urban vibe.

Now, let’s see which medicine cabinets are the best in 2021:

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