How Do You Decorate a Bean Bag Chair?

How Do You Decorate a Bean Bag Chair?

Bean bag chairs have become a popular casual seating option. They are popularly preferred because they are affordable and more flexible than regular sofas or couches. However, like all other types of furniture, not all bean bags that are used as chairs come in the style that you might like. The color, pattern, or aesthetic might not fit your style, but don’t worry, you can change it all up! We’re excited to share a few ideas with you to get the perfect bean bag for you.

Add a Pillow

bean bag chair pillow

Pillows are pretty common decorating accessories. Not only can they be used to decorate other kinds of furniture like chairs and beds, but you can also use them to decorate your bean bag chair.

If the fabric of your bean bag chair already features a lot of color, patterns, or prints, you can opt for a complementing neutral-colored throw pillow. With a neutral-colored bean bag fabric, you may choose a pillow with more vibrant colors and designs. Overall, your choices are hinged on your personal taste. Get creative!

If You Can, Decorate with Lighting

This can be tricky as the right amount and color of light has to be taken into consideration. If you’re stuck, try wrapping a Christmas light around your bean bags. If that proves too congested, you can tape the lights on the back and sides of the bean bag chair. This can be especially lovely as the lights will pop more if the fabric of the bean bag is neutral. This gives your space a nice, vibrant outlook.

Add a Backdrop!

A backdrop of artificial flowers, a painting, drawing, or a potted plant against the wall can give your bean bag a new look. Attach any of these or a combination of any to the wall just above whether your bean bag is situated.

Follow your style and preference and choose colors and prints that best fit your space. Note that dedicating a backdrop to your bean bag may not be perfect if the bean bag is frequently moved around.

Flowers, Ribbons, and Little Accessories!

According to your taste, you can attach little pieces of artificial flowers, decorative ribbons, and Christmas tree accessories on the sides of your bean bag. Select the right colors to match and watch as your boring bean bag springs up with panache!


Working on a bean bag chair can be two-sided. On one side, it is comfy and easy on your back. On the other side, your legs can’t quite find the right spot without being stuck at a funny angle.

A low stool or footstool for your legs made of the same material as your bean bag could serve as both luxury to your foot and additional décor to your bean bag chair. The fabric can be the same as that of your bean bag. If you are feeling adventurous, you can choose a different fabric that complements your bean bag chair.

Change of Fabric

If your bean bag happens to come in a cover that you entirely don’t like, you can always change it! While this can be a tedious process, you can customize it in different and much easier ways. You could change the entire cover material of the fabric according to your taste or add a layer of fabric over the old one. You could also add little pieces of fabric on different parts of the bean bag chair instead of covering the whole area.

Mix It Up a Little

You don’t have to stick to one option to make sure that your decorations come together nicely. You could pick two or more options discussed above and make it into a mixture you find best fitting to your style.

It could be a change of fabric with accessories or using a throw pillow and a backdrop. A popularly recommended mix is using a throw pillow and a footstool of the same fabric or material.

DIY Bean Bag Chair

And if you feel very crafty, why not making your own homemade bean bag sack? In this video you will learn how:

In all your decoration, get your creative juices pumping so your unique style shines through. Your bean bag chair and every other decoration accessory in your room or space reflect you and should therefore be carefully selected and arranged.

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